Areas Served:
  • Rapid City Area
  • Hill City
  • Lead/Deadwood
  • Sturgis
  • Spearfish

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"Rapid Bounce was very professional, and their bouncers made our party one we'll never forget!!"
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Frequently asked Questions
Q - Do you rent deliver on Sundays? 

A - No, Sundays are the only day we do not deliver.

Q - Can I pick up the inflatable to save money? 

A - No, Our insurance requires us to deliver, set-up, and inspect the inflatables prior to use, as well as ensure the user knows how it works.  We are also required to take down and transport the inflatable back home.

Q - May I cancel my order? 

A - We ask that you cancel your reservation at least 48 hours prior to your event. This will allow Rapid Bounce to accommodate other potential renters. 

Q - Are your jumpers safe and clean? 

A - Yes, Rapid Bounce is dedicated to providing a fun, safe and clean experience. We clean our units after every rental and all our units have safety steps on the front. Our inflatables use only fire retardant material that have been certified by the National Fire Protection Agency and the American Society for Testing and Materials to insure the safety of the riders and operators. 

Q - How many children can use the jump safely? 

A - Most of our units accommodate anywhere from 8 to 10 children under twelve years of age. The older and larger the occupants are, the greater the risk of overcrowding and injury. We recommend no more than 4 to 5 teenagers and less than 4 adults per unit. All units are equipped with stepping platforms for easy access into the unit. PLEASE supervise your guests, particularly young children, to insure their safety and good time. No food items, no shoes and no sharp or pointed items should be allowed in any unit. Use common sense; do not deflate the unit while children are still inside jumping. In case of any malfunction, exit the unit immediately and call us for advice or technical assistance. 

Q - What about rain? 

A - We will call you that morning to discuss rain concerns. There is no charge to you for a canceled reservation due to the weather. 

Q - How can I reserve one? 

A - You may call us at: 605-545-3840, or e-mail us at 

Q - Is there a deposit required? 

A - No, However, payment in full is due before we will set up the bouncer for you.

Q - How far in advance do I need to reserve? 

A - We are always happy to try to accommodate last minute bookings. We suggest 2-4 weeks before your scheduled event date. 

Q - Do you deliver to my area? 

A - Please call or email us for delivery information in your area. We will do our best to accommodate your event. 

Q - Do you set up in parks?

A - Most Cities in the area do allow setup in their parks. You may have to contact the park authority to determine the requirements needed to set up a unit in your area.  You may also need to rent a generator to power the unit. It is the customers’ responsibility to check with the park for size and inflatable requirements. 

Q - How much room do I need?

A - The standard size of our units is approximately 13X13 and fits comfortably on most back yard lawns or two car driveways. Some of our bigger units take up much more room. 

Q - How much room do you need to bring the jumper in? 

A - The standard walk through gate of about 36″ is fine. We bring the unit rolled up and wheel it in. Some of our larger units may require a larger entrance. 

Q - Can you set up on my driveway? 

A - Yes, If you have a two car width driveway, most likely a jumper will fit. A very slight slope is not a problem, however, the flatter the surface the better. Since we can’t pound stakes into your driveway, we bring sandbags to secure the unit or find other means at your location to secure the unit. 

Q - What type of surface do you need to set up on? 

A - We can set up on lawns, dirt, concrete or asphalt. Under no circumstances will we set up where we think the inflatable will be a safety risk to a child or our equipment. 

Q - Does the blower need electricity? How much does it use? 

A - Yes. We will bring up to a 100 foot extension cord with us, so you’ll need a standard 110v outlet near the set up area. The blower runs continuously . If you don’t have electricity available, we have generators available for rent too or you can provide one of your own. 

Q - What time do you deliver & pick-up the jumper? 

A - We will deliver your unit(s) 30 minutes before your scheduled event.  We will pick-up the unit(s) at the end of the four hour time block.  

Q - How long does it take to set up and take down? 

A - Providing there are no obstacles on the surface where the unit will be operating, set up usually takes approximately 20-30 minutes each. The Super Slide may take a little longer.

Q - Do you deliver on holidays? 

A - Yes, but please call to insure we have a unit available. 

Q - Can I keep the inflatable overnight? 

A .  No. Unfortunately our insurance does not allow for us to leave the inflatable overnight.


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